Sikh Children’s Day

Sikh Children’s Day is an event the Foundation is proud to host every year. Over three hundred children take part in this special day! This day comprises of various competitions in kirtan, tabla, speech, kavitas, dastarbandi(turban-tying), gatka, basketball, gurbani recitation and more. Many families all over California come together to bring their children to this amazing event every year. Many volunteers and parents who work with the Foundation help bring this event together.

This year Sikh Children’s Day was be held on July 29th, 2017 at Khalsa Care Foundation. Registration deadline is Sunday, July 16th. No exceptions.

The rules have been updated this year. Please carefully read the Rules and Regulations.

Sikh Children’s Day 2017 Schedule

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The results from the last Sikh Children’s Day (2017) can be viewed here.